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ESG Recognized for Operational Excellence by Georgia Water Professionals

Posted on Apr 12, 2016 at 0:00 AM

ESG’s partnerships in Georgia have been recognized by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) for outstanding facility operations. The GAWP awards process, conducted by regulatory agency professionals in the state of Georgia and operators from other systems, is very rigorous and requires year-round preparation.

“We would like to thank the GAWP and their staff for their continued support of water and wastewater utilities in Georgia. These prestigious industry awards provide validation that ESG Operations, Inc. is the foremost utility contractor in the state of Georgia. ESG Operations, Inc. has received more awards for operational excellence in Georgia and across the Southeast than all of our competitors combined.

We extend our sincere thanks and congratulations to all ESG associates who invested countless hours preparing for the facility inspections as well as assisted all of our Top Op applicants,” stated ESG principals, Clay Sykes, P.E. and Dan Groselle, P.E.

2016 Top Operator Award:

  • District 2 Wastewater Top Op — Tyson Page
  • District 4 Wastewater Top Op — Dexter Thornton
  • District 5 Distribution Top Op — Kyle Powell
  • District 5 Wastewater Top Op — Bennie Williams
  • District 7 Collections Top Op — Brian Rowland
  • District 7 Distribution Top Op — Casey Marshall
  • District 7 Wastewater Top Op — Chris McLarnon
  • District 7 Water Top Op — Thomas Coker

2016 Water Plant of the Year Award:

  • Ground Water 3 MGD-8.99 MGD — City of Perry Water System
  • Surface Water 3 MGD-8.99 MGD — City of Commerce WTP

2016 Water Plant of the Year Certificates of Achievement:

  • Surface Water 3 MGD-8.99 MGD — City of Barnesville WTP
  • Surface Water 3 MGD-8.99 MGD — City of Winder HWY 53 WTP

2016 Water Reclamation Facility of the Year Award:

  • Advance Treatment 1.1 to 2.9 MGD — James A. King WWTP, City of Barnesville
  • Secondary Treatment 1.1 — 9.99 MGD - Cedar Creek WWTP, City of Winder
  • Non-Discharging 1 MGD or less — Parkstone at the Bridges, Forsyth County

2016 Biosolids/Residuals Program of Excellence Award:

  • Small Operating System (less than 5 dry ton) — City of Douglas Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant

2016 Water Gold Award:

  • City of Commerce Water Treatment Plant
  • City of Moultrie Spence Field Airport Water System
  • City of Moultrie Water System
  • City of Perry Water Treatment Plant
  • City of Winder — Water Treatment Plant
  • Tifton-Tift County — Water System

2016 Water Platinum Award:

  • City of Barnesville — Water Treatment Plant
  • Forsyth County — Water Treatment Facility

2016 Wastewater Gold Award:

  • City of Augusta Utilities —James B. Messerly WWTP
  • City of Barnesville — James A. King WWTP
  • City of Perry — Water Pollution Control Plant
  • City of Warner Robins — Ocmulgee River WPCP
  • City of Winder — Marburg Creek WWTP
  • City of Winder — Marburg Creek Reuse (LAS)
  • City of Winder— Cedar Creek WWTP
  • Forsyth County — Dick Creek Water Reclamation Facility
  • Forsyth County — James Creek WRF
  • Rockdale Water Resources — Quigg Branch WPCP
  • Rockdale Water Resources — Snapping Shoals WPCP
  • Rockdale Water Resources — Honey Creek WPCP
  • Rockdale Water Resources — Scott Creek WPCP

2016 Wastewater Platinum Award:

  • City of Waycross — Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Forsyth County — Manor Water Reuse Facilty
  • Forsyth County — Parkstone at the Bridges
  • Forsyth County — Windermere Water Reuse Facility
  • Rockdale Water Resources — Almand Branch WPCP

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