Water Tank

Innovative, Efficient, and Sustainable Water Storage Solutions

Our cost-effective water tank management solutions preserve asset value and limit client risk with a broader view towards overall life-cycle costs and provide our clients with the lowest cost of ownership.  We deliver a new standard for water tank maintenance driven by technical performance, system efficiencies, and economics. 

ESG delivers peace of mind through our Comprehensive Asset Management Plan: 

  • Provides a perpetual warranty and assumes tank maintenance responsibility 
  • Documents the risk and cost of unplanned failure, equipment age and existing condition, and remaining service life along with specific  characteristics of particular tanks
  • Helps trend and forecast changes in the overall value of their assets using the proprietary Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

ESG Tank Maintenance

A Team of Water Tank Management Experts

Our team is second to none and includes in-house certified coating inspectors and registered professional engineers. We will perform the annual inspections and washouts as well as provide a detailed report that covers all aspects of your tank’s overall condition, including coating system, safety and regulatory compliance.

ESG can ultimately reduce the burden of long-term repair and replacement and greatly facilitate the benefit of optimal life-cycle and revenue management. We provide clients with a stand-alone, yet flexible, water tank maintenance that will:

  • Help protect your investment
  • Prolong the life of your water tank
  • Promote a positive image of your community/water system
  • Ensure delivery is maintained in a way that identifies the most systematic and logical allocation of resources
  • A continual view towards long-term sustainability and fiscal prudence.