Hinesville, Georgia

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Hinesville, Georgia
Hinesville, Georgia
Hinesville, Georgia

ESG was selected by the City of Hinesville as its new City Services partner in September 2016 after a long history with one of our competitors. ESG is partnering with the City under a

Public Works and Utilities Operations and Maintenance contract. In addition to the operations, maintenance and management of the City’s water and wastewater treatment facilities, ESG

will also provide public works services including streets and drainage, stormwater, parks and grounds, fleet maintenance, sanitation, meter reading, and construction maintenance.

Facilities Operated and Maintained

10 MGD wastewater treatment plant
12 MGD water treatment plant collection & distribution
42 lift stations
184 miles of water lines
165 miles of sewer lines
135 miles of maintained streets
51 miles of maintained sidewalks
19 stormwater ponds
59 miles of stormwater culverts
63 miles of stormwater ditches
4,135 stormwater structures
Over 50 acres of maintained City property
Garbage and dry trash pick up for over 9,100 customers
Vehicle maintenance for over 200 vehicles and equipment

Service Area

16 square miles.



Significant Accomplishments