Moultrie, Georgia

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Moultrie, Georgia
Moultrie, Georgia
Moultrie, Georgia

ESG’s relationship with the City of Moultrie began in July 2015. ESG transitioned 23 employees from the City and our scope of work includes water and wastewater treatment, lift
stations, water distribution and sewer collection systems, and elevated water storage tank maintenance. ESG also transitioned into Moultrie during the critical phases of several high profile
capital improvement projects. On the 2.8 mile State Route 133 road widening project, ESG worked closely with GADOT and in-sourced all of the water and sewer main relocations and
installations within the City limits. During the construction phase of the City’s $12 million new wastewater plant project, ESG has engaged its on-site and off-site technical resources to perform construction inspections and operability assessments to ensure the plant is built to specifications.

Facilities Operated and Maintained

  • 5.5 MGD Water Treatment Plant
  • 5.2 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • 21 lift stations
  • 344 miles of water distribution and sewer
  • 5 elevated water storage tanks (100,000 – 500,000 gallons)

Service Area

16.5 square miles



Significant Accomplishments

  • Transitioned the City’s antiquated paper work order system to an automated CMMS.
  • Self-performed targeted sewer collection system pipeline repairs and reduced I/I by 25% which lowered wastewater flow during heavy rain events by 1–2 million gallons.
  • ESG’s in-sourcing approach on capital, repairs, and special projects has saved the City more than $250,000.
  • ESG transitioned into Moultrie during the construction phase of its new 5 MGD wastewater plant. ESG successfully helped the City keep this project on schedule and budget.