Company Facts

ESG is Committed to Being an Outstanding Corporate Citizen

ESG is committed to not only providing a superior level of service and management, but also to being an outstanding corporate citizen by remaining a vital and contributing member of the communities we serve. In order to accomplish this, ESG firmly believes in the importance of diversity in the success of our company, partnerships and communities. We are dedicated to advancing diversity.


ESG supports educational diversity through our scholarships program with local students. Our goal is to help our community members achieve greatness.

Early Education Initiatives

ESG brings in local grade school students for facility tours. We are also actively involved in partnering with local scouting organizations and youth leadership groups. ESG is proud to have assisted in preserving local minority landmarks and education centers for underserved and minority populations, as well as focusing on creating interest in education and environmental issues through summer camps and local school visits.


ESG actively seeks partnerships with, and supports, local minority and female owned businesses for contract services.

Company Diversity Commitment

ESG supports training and promotion of all employees. We know how important diversity of knowledge and experience are in building effective, well-rounded businesses. All employees are celebrated for their own backgrounds and experiences.